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A good word and a good deed have a cascading effect of a life time. If your life’s ambition is to create a difference to the lives of orphan children, the destitute, the diseased and the challenged, you can be part of our mission to reach out to maximum number of people who need your care and affection. Join us today and become part of our mission to provide love and care to orphan children.


It is registered under Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Arena) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasli (Act I of 1350 F) and with Ministry of Home Affairs to receive foreign grants and also with Department of Income Tax and having 12A & 80G under Income Tax Act 1961.
There is no greater feeling than to share your happiness and memories with others. How true? TAPASVI now provides you an opportunity to share you happy and sad moments with orphan and challenged children. It may be the entry of a new member into the family, a child's birthday, your wedding anniversary, your parent's death anniversary, or a party to celebrate your professional success, come to us and share your joys and memories with us.


You can donate old books, used clothes, eatables, furniture, toys, stationery, groceries, cash and assets. All donations are accounted for and utilized for the defined purpose. Corporate employees, philanthropists, and funding agencies can contact our volunteers to know more about the donation process.


Participate in our social and community meetings, and part of our voluntary works. We will provide you a great opportunity to become part of community interaction, good will and public relations activities. Take time to think and ponder of what difference you could make by participating in our social get-togethers with orphan and challenged children.


It is your birthday, your wedding anniversary; your child's naming ceremony or any other social occasion that means inviting your near and dear and sharing your joys plenty with everyone. It could be for a change, or a strong desire to share your love and affection with orphan children; come and celebrate your functions at our premises.


If you aim to memorialize the name and good work of your loved ones, your father or grandfather or your forefathers, we would sure help you in doing so. We will help you in channeling your fund or donation to establish a memorial as a building, an edifice, a garden, a scholarship, a medal or an award in the name of your loved ones. With all dedication and commitment we ensure that the great work of your loved ones or your forefathers is kept perennial, remembered and left to inspire the coming generations.